Amazing VFX Breakdown – Main Road Post “Attraction”

Came across this recently and I just can’t stop watching it, it’s pretty dang epic.  I appreciate it as a fan of vfx but also as an attempted student of it as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect to achieve anything close to this realm of awesomeness but I I can certainly try and extract as much as I can out of this as to why it looks so amazing.  The crash landing sequence gets most of my attention, apart from the obvious amazing destruction and fire/smoke, it’s the lighting that just amazes me and draws me into the the other elements with it’s level of realism.  The effects can be awesome but if it’s not lit well then it’s a hard sell.  I would expect that something at this level has a team just for lighting, and man are they good, but it just shows, even in my small projects/shots, that something something as basic as lighting it has such importance.  I don’t want to discount the procedural tools that they set up for the city, just amazing, check it out, totally inspiring.


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