Arnold for Cinema 4D

Just installed Arnold Renderer for Cinema 4D, super easy demo install, thank you Solid Angle!  We started vetting this at work to see if we should transfer over to this workflow.  A bit of a story about how we ended up with Arnold.  We were amped about the release of Octane 3, thinking it would work on our AMD cards on our trashcan Macs at work but they kinda changed the press releases over the weeks running up to the release.  The capacity to run on non-cuds GPUs was now going to be included in the 3.1 release.  We tried to contact Otoy but got non-answers and for the size of the company I work for they need specific answers if they are going to switch over an entire workflow.  We were also looking to invest in a CPU-only render farm and so that made it totally dead in the water.  So next in line was Arnold, which I had recently saw a great presentation at by Trevor Kerr at the Maxon NAB booth about it.  This fit within our CPU workflow and working through some intro tutorials, it’s feeling pretty good, node based textures are fantastic and the lighting is pretty boss.  And hell, no more Physical Renderer GI!  Solid Angle offers a great fully functional demo version, no watermark for 15 days and then ongoing with a watermark.  That’s a great deal if you want to learn before investing.  Looking forward to running through all the features.

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  1. July 5, 2016

    Glad to hear it’s all going smooth. Drop me a line if you want to join the C4DtoA mailing list.

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